Susan Elias

"Hi, Susan Elias here," – some of you may recall that intro from my instructional fashion videos, but for those just stumbling upon my site, here's a little more context around who I am and what I do: 

I have been living and breathing fashion for over 30 years. My true training and expertise is deep rooted in haute couture, but over time, I have been able to turn my knowledge of high end fashion into innovative solutions for other markets, such as better, missy, men's, celebrity fashions, etc.

My skills range from sketching, pattern making, draping, and free-hand to producing, sizing, pricing, and styling – and after years of doing all this stuff, I wanted to teach others how to do it, too. That dream fell into place when I was offered a position as a mentor and professor at The Miami International University of Art and Design. I was encouraged by my students and thrilled to be able to give back, but after a shift in the industry in 2007, I left the school and began to teach privately. 

Teaching privately allowed me to simply, yet thoroughly address the basics of fashion design in a more specialized, one-on-one setting. I was able to re-teach some of the topics that students were struggling with in school as well as introduce crucial concepts to fashion design hobbyists and newbies.

Inspired by the many individuals who harness such passion for fashion and have the motivation to learn independently, I decided to share my knowledge with folks outside of just my local base. In 2010, I started my own YouTube channel, Susan Elias Couture, and began filming free instructional videos for all. My following has expanded vastly and I couldn't be more humbled by the response.

It is still my ultimate dream to have a proper show where I can deliver this knowledge in a more structured, polished way, but until then, I vow to continue making videos for my followers. You all inspire me so much and I enjoy answering all of your questions and reading your comments, so please keep them coming.

If you like what I do and want to contribute in any capacity, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Please click below to send a donation to my PayPal.